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List of Fully Funded Scholarships for Students in Developing Countries to study in the Netherlands

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If you are not able to afford higher education and it happens you have been searching for a good scholarship that can assist in funding your education in the Netherlands, then search no more because we are going to list out all the available scholarships for international students in developing countries. As they are more fortunate to merit more than two scholarship awards provided they are around Europe.

The majority of the scholarships listed below in this article are fully funded for students that are pursuing their master’s, postgraduate and undergraduate programs in the Netherlands. Therefore, if you are planning to move down to the Netherlands, you should start searching for these scholarships now.

Many of these scholarships will cover your entire academic fees related to your degree course in the Netherlands. Having said that, here are some of the top fully funded available scholarships for international students who desire to study in the Netherlands.

Top Fully Funded Scholarships for Developing Countries in the Netherlands


RNTC Fully Funded Media & Journalism Scholarship 2022 / 2023 For African & Developing Countries:

As part of the scholarship program, each candidate can receive funding for 12 months in any media organization that meets up the RNTC minimum standards of ethical standards & professional excellence. 


Ford Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships:

This happens to be one of the oldest institutes for international research, the ford foundation supports great numbers of students yearly. This yearly sponsorship is mainly for students who participated in their fellowship program.  Each participant will be given $30,000 yearly for a complete 3 years and they must also teach a Master’s class during their tenure. The Applications deadline is on or before 31st May.


Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) Masters Scholarship 2021 &2022 For Students from Developing Countries:  

KIT offers ten to twenty scholarships yearly to exceptional students in underrepresented countries who wish to start a master’s degree in tropical agricultural and development at the faculty of agriculture, environment & nutrition science, in the Netherlands.


ICANN 2022 Fellowship Program for Developing Countries:

The main purpose of this fellowship is to support researchers & doctoral students who demonstrate by evidence to contribute to internet corporations for assigned names and numbers (ICANN) activities & their programs. This scholarship can be acquired at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and the merited ones will be awarded €8,000 yearly for five years. 


Max Van der Stoel Research Award 2021:

An award of €3, 000 is being offered to graduate students from developing countries who aspire to research “Critical challenges” associated with poverty and exclusion. Each applicant is required to submit their thesis proposal on the 2nd of November.


Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) 2021-2022 Scholarship:

For International Students: The OKP major aims to render financial help to highly talented students from countries with a low-income economy who wish to study a degree program at a university of their choice in the world. Merited applicants at the undergraduate level will be awarded €14,000 yearly and €25,000 each year for graduate study.


Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS) 2022 for International Students:

AMS is one of the most famously-funded scholarships available for all international students. This scholarship award is mainly focusing on all the talented international students to encourage them in their desire to pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D. in Amsterdam.  The AMS provides funds of about €4,000 yearly and all the interested applicants must fulfill all admission requirements, as required by the university. AMS is one of the most ranked fully-funded scholarships for international students who want to study in the Netherlands.



ITC Foundation Scholarships in Spatial Engineering 2021-2022 for Developing Countries – University of Twente, Netherlands:

This Foundation offers scholarships to fund all outstanding international students that are pursuing an engineering or spatial science-related Master’s degree at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Interested Applicants must be under 30 years of age at the time of their application process.


Talentum Scholarship Programme 2021:

This program assists African students that are pursuing a postgraduate or undergraduate degree in an accredited institution in North America or Europe. They also provide full tuition fees and offer £7,500 to the winners each year. Each winner must undertake an internship with the European organizations as part of their coursework. The deadline for the Talentum scholarship program is on the 1st of May. 


Wageningen University & Research 2022 African Scholarship Programme For African Students _ the Netherlands: 

This program offers scholarships to African students with a master’s degree and Ph.D. degree who aspires to pursue their studies at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands. The merited ones will be given a yearly stipend of €10,000 each year and also an additional €5,000 if their Dutch student’s visa application was successful. This scholarship duration lasts for three years. 

Holland Scholarship

If you live outside the European Union and desire to start your studies in the Netherlands, you can apply for the Holland Scholarship that was provided or made available by the Netherlands government. 

The chosen applicants for this award will be qualified to receive a €5,000  award.

For you to receive this award, You must meet all the demanding requirements which will be fully explained in this article. In addition to the  Dutch government scholarship, an interested student who aspires to start their study in the Netherlands can also apply for other funding opportunities such as the European Union student grant.

With this grant, undergraduate students who applied will receive €7,500 and €3,750 for postgraduates that are not qualified for the Holland Scholarship.  In this article, we are going to explain all that you need to know about these options so that you can agree on the best option that will be good for you. 

Note, that the application process for both grants is quite similar and we are going to provide all the necessary information in this article. If you want to learn and understand more about the European Union students granted, kindly read on as we provide all the detailed information below. 

Some hints about the Holland Scholarship

As I said earlier, The Holland Scholarship is one of the most significant scholarships that was provided by the government of the Netherlands mainly for international students who aspire to start their studies in the Netherlands.  This scholarship was originally founded in 1991 to encourage International students that are exceptionally intelligent to study in the Netherlands.

Presently, there are about 350 successful recipients of the Holland Scholarship yearly. The number of applicants who receive the Holland Scholarship keeps increasing massively each year.  As of 2021, it was recorded that the number of the Holland Scholarship recipients has increased to 800, you can as well be among the merited ones this year. 

Eligibility For Application

For you to be eligible for the Holland Scholarship application process you are required to meet all the necessary criteria attached to the scholarship. The eligibility criteria include :

  • Applicants must be between the age range of 18 to 30 years before their studies commence. 
  • Applicants must have adequate knowledge of and command of the Dutch language (EN1102). You are to take this proficiency test before your admission to the university or institute (if required). Your nationality is non-EEA.
  • Applicants are required to obtain an unconditional offer in a Dutch higher education institution that can be well-recognized by the Dutch government /an offer that is not limited to any time limit or specific admissions requirements.


Even if you have not attended any school or have been recently taught in the Netherlands, You are eligible to apply for the Holland Scholarship on the condition that you must meet all the listed eligibility criteria. 


It is significant to note that only 50 students will be awarded the Holland Scholarship every year.  

Though, since many universities have higher applicant rates some other applicants may not get their first choice,  This Holland scholarship is highly competitive. which has resulted in increments of applications every year.

How to Apply for this Scholarship

There are several steps that you need to take while processing the Holland Scholarship Application. After your application submissions to the embassy, you will be notified about your application status and guide on how to proceed. 

If you have started your application procedures and have yet to receive a definite offer, you should apply for the Holland Scholarship once you have obtained an unconditional offer from a Dutch higher education institution.

While filling out the Holland Scholarship application, make sure you choose your first choice university or institute from the list provided by the University College Leiden eg. your field of study and study location.  Please make sure your educational advisor checks All choices before your submission. Also make sure  you provide accurate personal information like : 

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • English language proficiency level,
  • Student union membership
  • Telephone Number
  • Study records
  • Home address
  • Computer skills
  • Work experience
  • Contact details
  • Foreign languages and knowledge
  • Professional skills
  • Health Status 
  •  Work-related experiences
  • Level of participation in extracurricular activities etc.

Applicants should Read and answer correctly, and be conscious of their spelling too. After filling out the form ensure you submit it early as soon as possible so that you have enough time to review and revise it before submission. Any other extra documentation needed must be submitted together with the application form.


About University of Twente /Scholarships 

The University of Twente is a multidisciplinary public university that was founded in 1971 and was later changed to “University of Twente ” from the “Netherlands Institute of Technology”. in 2006. The University of Twente is presently ranked as one of the best Dutch universities based on its standard, alumni outcomes, and Achievements. The University of Twente also maintains research centers that focus on Nutrition, environmental problems,  smart materials, entrepreneurship, clean water, biotechnology, and alternative energy.

Its remarks have provided lots of opportunities for students to pursue different courses and have a part in special projects and groups.

University of Twente Scholarships are available for students who are seeking a degree at the University of Twente, Netherlands. The scholarship award provides financial support which covers your full tuition fee, living costs, and other academic expenses. It is given based on merit and can be renewed yearly based on academic success.  

This scholarship is sponsored by the University of Twente. so for you to apply for the University of Twente scholarships, you are required to submit your application form with all the required documents by the 31st of May and it does not provide any funds for summer school or winter school courses. 


Scholarship Summary:

Field of study: Master’s degree program 


Study Duration: This program lasts for two year

Number of awards: There are about 50 available scholarship 

Host Institution/Location: the University of Twente Study in the Netherlands

The first Application Deadline:  is on the 1st of February 2022 while the

The second application deadline; is on the 1st of May for September intake.

Scholarship Value: Students receive an amount ranging from €3,000 to €22,000 for a year and In the case of a 2 years course, students can get extra financial assistance from the University up to a maximum of €5000 yearly.

And more importantly, this scholarship does not cover your traveling cost or any other extra expense associated with your accommodation or feeding. It is also possible to get an extra grant from the university that can cover these expenses.

Who is Eligible for this Award?

For you to be eligible for this award, there are some solid general requirements required before the application for this scholarship. 

  • Applicants must be registered as full-time undergraduates at the University of Twente to apply for this scholarship.
  • You are not eligible for a Dutch study loan
  • Applicants must abide by the requirements of getting an entry visa in the Netherlands ( if required). 
  • For you to apply for this scholarship, you must have finished high school or obtained a degree that has an equal value before applying for this scholarship.
  • Applicants must upload all the required supporting documents with their student application form.
  • Applicants must have outstanding grades, if you have an incomplete or a failed result at the time of the application process you are not eligible for this award. 
  • Applicants must have S_number if they have not yet graduated from the (UT)undergraduate Program.

Applicants must be applying to study any of the selected courses listed below

The master’s degree course includes ;

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Communication Studies
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Internet Science & Technology
  • Construction Management and Engineering Electrical Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Public Administration
  • Environmental and Energy Management
  • Human Media Interaction
  • Applied Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Educational Science and Technology Embedded Systems
  • Psychology
  • Business Information Technology
  • Technology, and Society
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Sustainable Energy Technology Systems and Control
  • Health Sciences
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • European Studies
  • Industrial Design Engineering
  • Nanotechnology
  • Civil Engineering and Management

For more detailed information concerning these wards kindly visit the scholarship’s official website (https://www.utwente.nl/en/education/scholarship-finder/university-of-twente-scholarship/ )


Orange Knowledge Programme

Orange Knowledge Programme is available to all international students who aspire to study a master’s program at any qualified university in the Netherlands. International students must be Non_Europen union / European Economic Areas who are a citizen of the selected countries and have applied for a master’s degree program at a Dutch university.

For interested applicants in postgraduate education, The study offer comes with outstanding educational provisions. The government has put its efforts into assisting applicants to reach their goals and have access to higher education. 

The government’s major aim is to help in boosting the level of knowledge and skill within the labor market and/providing opportunities for personal development. which includes Enhancing educational offerings, promoting exchange programs, reducing administrative hurdles, creating greater career prospects for the youth, expanding information technology (IT) use, increasing government investment in higher education, and improving institutional infrastructure.

What are the Orange Knowledge Programme Benefits?

The Orange Knowledge program comes with so many benefits such as Visa fees, Relocation Assistance, Grants for courses, Transportation expenses, Health insurance coverage, Preparatory training, Discounts on Accommodation, Orientation seminars, Living expenses, Medical examination, Sports equipment, Visa fees, Course materials, Visa issuance assistance, Entrance examination, Excursions, Visa application assistance, Books, Language training, and also offers of subsidized housing and part-time work during studies.


Who is Eligible for this Orange Knowledge Program?

  • Applicants from: South Africa, Benin, Ghana, Yemen, Zambia, Congo (DRC), Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Mali, Iraq, Palestinian Territories, Egypt, Uganda, Colombia, Bangladesh, Tanzania, South Sudan, Mozambique, Jordan, Niger, Vietnam, Rwanda, Lebanon, Tunisia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Myanmar, Suriname, Guinea, Senegal, Somalia, Burkina Faso, And Burundi.
  • Applicants must be a citizen of the Non-European Union/EEA countries that were selected.
  • Applicants must apply for a master’s degree program at a Dutch University.
  • Applicants that were accepted into the program are required to sign a contract of commitment or agreement indicating that they must abide by all the rules set by the governments and also observe all conditions related to the grant. failure to do this, there is a high risk involved which simply means that you will lose your grant.
  • Applicants must fulfill all the admission requirements attached to the program they wish to enroll in.
  • Note, that about 10 million applicants will be granted access to this program worldwide.
  • Applicants who desire benefits from this package should also be ready to obey the rules set out by the Orange knowledge Programme and as well take responsibility for themselves.


Financial Aids Opportunities in The Netherlands

Once you have been accepted into the orange knowledge program, you will receive a letter of invitation from the ministry which permits you to stay in the Netherlands for a year after graduation. Once in the Netherlands, students will receive a financial grant for living costs directly from the government, and this amount is not specified because it varies depending on each case.

This sum is calculated based on the remaining amount after sorting out all expenses which include rent, insurance, tuition fees, etc. you will also receive a traveling grant back home if you wish to leave the Netherlands during your study period and if you have complete your master’s degree program before applying for a permanent residence permit in the Netherland then, you are required to register with the Dutch authorities within the space of 6 months of graduation and also provide evidence which indicates that you have paid all grants that you received from the government.

The evidence of payment is generally provided through a bank statement from the bank account where the grant was deposited and your bank statement is supposed to indicate that you have paid back all the grants you received from the government of the Netherlands. In addition, you are also required to provide proof indicating that you have taken out private health insurance in the Netherlands.

How to Apply:

If you want to apply for the Orange Knowledge Programme, you are required to follow the application procedures:

You must submit your application form with your desired master’s degree program to the university or institute where you are currently enrolled and also make sure you meet all the admission requirements.

Submit your application and certified ID document to the Netherland Embassy

Make sure you apply before the deadline.

Once you submit your application it will be thoroughly examined and your application confirmation may take up to months.

Kindly click here to submit your application at the official scholarship website   (https://www.studyinholland.nl/finances/orange-knowledge-programme )

Masters Scholarships for International Students at the University of Twente

Orange Knowledge Programme is available for all international students who aspire to study at an eligible university in the  

The major aim of the Orange Knowledge Programme is to contribute to the development of the knowledge, quality, and capability of students and organizations in higher education.

The University of Twente awards this scholarship for a master’s program taught in English at any faculty. These scholarships are available only for new enrolments.   There is a full or partial waiver available for existing students depending on their country of origin.

 This program includes A 4 months special travel grant for study abroad students, seminars and workshops, mentorship from experienced Alumni and internationally recognized professionals, participation in various academic events, internship programs, and free tuition for one month for attending an international summer school.

Scholarship Benefits 

Here is a list of the scholarship benefits:

  • Accommodation and insurance for a year
  • Career Counseling
  • Mentorship from experienced Alumni and internationally recognized professional
  • Airport Pickup
  • The scholarship will cover your 1-year tuition fees
  • Online Workshop
  • Life Coaching
  • Support with completing English language requirement
  • Luggage Delivery Service
  • Professional tutoring
  • Assistance with Dutch language requirements
  • Access to sports facilities
  • Professional skills workshop etc.

Successful applicants will receive a letter of intent (LOI) which contains a summary of the study plan and career goals. A maximum of €4,000 can be awarded per academic year. Scholarships are not transferable to another applicant or program.

Eligibility to Qualify for this Program:

  • Scholarships can be used by any other person and may not be merged with other grants or funding programs.
  • Preference will be offered to applicants who can indicate their intention to complete their studies in less than 4 years. This scholarship cannot be merged with any other University of Twente scholarships.
  • Applicants must be registered in a full-time master’s program taught in English at any faculty.
  • Applicants must Have paid all mandatory fees.
  • All payments are processed directly by the University of Twente and all fees must be settled before starting any courses or events. Any monies outstanding after 30 days will be returned to the donor.
  • You must submit your application before April 15. Interviews will start between April 30 and May 31.
  • Applicants must Have at least an average of 60% overall in a related subject in their last undergraduate degree. 
  • You must attend an interview at a local University of Twente campus before your application can be examined.  Interview dates will be announced on the funding package page and by email. if you did not attend this interview at a local University of Twente campus you will not be eligible for the scholarship.
  • If you merit the scholarship, quickly confirm your acceptance of the list of terms and conditions within 7 days of receiving the latter.  if you fail to confirm your acceptance your application will be removed. 
  • This scholarship does not cover any extra expenses eg.  books, transportation, equipment,  or personal living cost.
  • Non-_ EU citizens are only allowed to apply for this scholarship if they can ascertain an adequate level of financial need, equal to those granted by EU countries. This criterion will also be applied to Swiss nationals.


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