Beautiful Secondary School Classmates who Married 10 Years after Graduation

Like a Nigerian man Aimuan Eddy who found love in a university colleague, Taiwo Abisola Adekunle fell in love with a man named Wale she attended the same secondary school with. 

Taiwo who served as the head girl in their secondary school described her now husband as an ‘extremely quiet guy.’ Their first reconnection Taiwo narrated how she came home for the holidays in her 300 level and surprisingly accosted him at the abode of her male university colleague.

According to her, she visited the male colleague who happened to be her campus fellowship mate and fellow exco only to discover that the man and Wale are childhood friends. Wale who works as a computer engineer gave Taiwo his complementary card as they reconnected and occasionally rang her from time to time.

“On getting to the male friend’s house I met wale again. Unknown to me, my male friend and wale are best friends from childhood. We both greeted and he gave me his business card, a computer engineer he is. After some time, the line would randomly flash me. She told me thank you for failing to do her assignment: Nigerian man shares how he met his wife “…This contact would randomly send me texts too but I have not had time to unravel the face behind it,” she said.

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A second reconnection

Upon completion of her NYSC in 2009, Taiw said she moved back to Lagos and began worshipping in a church called Calvary Bible Church only to discover that Wale was not just in the same church but happened to be the camera handler of the worship centre. He would accost her after service to catch up on old times as well as remind her that he is a computer engineer. Taiwo stated that it was at that point she remembered her laptop needed fixing and this time saved his phone number after collecting his business card a second time. It was then it dawned on her that the random calls and texts had been from Wale. One thing led to another and then moved from acquaintances to business partners and then lovers.

”Of course, we reconnected back after about 10 years away from school; we agreed to be business partners immediately; we worked together for almost 3 years before I got my first official job. During the 3 years, he asked me out, later proposed. In February 2013, we got married. “Wednesday, February 16th will be our 9th year wedding anniversary luckily,” she added.

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