Effects Of Staying Too Long In The Toilet (Restroom)

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Does Staying Staying Too Long In The Toilet Cause “Stressing Of Veins In The Anus”(Haemorrhoids)?
Yes! It can! My experience?
Well, if I’m sincere with y’all, I didn’t know about it until when I came across a post on All Naija Entertainment which says “Staying Too Long In The Toilet With Your Phone Can Cause Haemorrhoid“.

For the first time of my life, I noticed a few sign of Haemorrhoids(I didn’t know it was haemorrhoids until I did research) in my anus which came with a stomach purge, at first, I thought it was a result of excess consumption of sugary foods and drinks (cos I’m a big fan of what they call “sweet mouth”).
After 3 days taking lime juice and solid foods like bread and few cuts of fufu 😢.. Nothing changed!

I summoned courage and discussed it with my sister, which she concluded it to be “DYSENTERY”, she prescribed drugs to take for the cure and I paid visitation to the local chemist shop to purchase them immediately.
As told, I followed guides given in taking the meds, unfortunately, still nothing happened!. 😂
Abi village people don dey do me ni?” 🙄 – I responded to the voice inside using Twyse’s line in “SHRIFT” –> “Ayam covered with the blood, eje jesu cover mi o..“(in Taofeek’s voice).

I gave up the drugs immediately, after all, I don’t even like drugs!.

For good one week, I was still battling with haemorrhoids. I took the bull by the horn and started my research with different keywords online, boom! I came across that stupid idiot that’s troubling my asshole!

I scrolled pages upon pages reading few things about it while viewing different photos, unfortunately, I didn’t even check for the solution. After my researches, I closed my tabs and acted ‘callous’ to the stretched veins in between my bums.
I gave myself ‘policies'(rules) to follow which one of them was; “no matter how runny my stomach gets, ain’t gon’ patronize restroom, never!”.

Trust me, while taking all these decisions, I still didn’t know the cause of haemorrhoids neither the solution.

Viola! The policy worked! The veins began returning to their normal positions. And I was happy. By day, everything blended back and became normal as it was.

So recently, when I came across the post on ANE, I was forced to read through the contents while monitoring each line with care, and I was left with no choice than to agree with what the content says!

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Lmao, my kind of person? Yeah, my kind of person loves visiting restroom with my cell phone, and anytime I visit without my mobile device, I tends to spend less than 2 mins or less.

I usually spend nothing less than an hour plus in the restroom. I must confess, there’s this ‘divine’ inspiration that flows in, while inside. There was this day I wrote 10 articles of over 6k words each while inside the toilet. Sometimes, I visit with my laptop too. 😂..
Can recall I read almost half of “Never Grow Up” by Jackie Chan inside toilet! 🙆 and many more..

Mom would rant, talk and shout, but man!, ain’t nothing gonna ever change, cos, damn!, TOILET’S GOT THE INSPIRATION, BABY! 😋
It even got to an extent that it became the centre of her prayer points while making a prayer for me. 😂

Got similar experience? C’mon, let’s relate via the comment section below..

Don’t stay too long in the toilet! It’s cool, but got effects!

What happens when you sit too long?

Spending too much time on the toilet causes pressure on your rectum and anus. Because the seat is cut out, your rectum is lower than the rest of your backside. Gravity takes over, and blood starts to pool and clot in those veins. Add in any straining or pushing, and you may have a recipe for hemorrhoids.

“Hemorrhoids, or piles, are essentially varicose veins in your rectum or anus,” said Dr. Samonte. “They form because of excess pressure on the veins. As a result, the veins can bulge and fill with blood clots. This can lead to pain, itching and other unpleasant effects. While hemorrhoids are less common in children, they still can happen. Plus, habits can last a lifetime—meaning they may get used to spending too much time in the bathroom, putting them at risk for hemorrhoids later in life.”

Reading on the can is a pretty common practice, especially in men.

But before you make yourself comfortable there’s something you should know — it’s pretty bad for your health.

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Studies have shown that the more time you spend on the throne, the more likely you are to get piles.

It sounds odd, but there are two reasons for the painful problem.

Firstly, the longer you are sitting on the loo, the more stress and strain you are putting on your bottom region, which causes haemorrhoids.

Secondly, stating seated on the toilet for too long can restrict blood flow around the anal area, which can make them worse.

If you’re there for long enough to read half of War and Peace you probably have constipation which causes the piles in the first place, and you should get more fibre in your diet to help ease the passage, so to speak.

If you text on the toilet it’s even worse news.

As well as risking haemorrhoids, you are subjecting your phone screen to germs, pathogens and bacteria from the intestinal tract – mostly from faecal matter.

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