[FACEBOOK TIPS] How To Make All Your Facebook Friends See Your Status Update


Hey Guys! Welcome to another Gurusprovince Tutorial. Today, we gonna be teaching You Guys steps to “Make All Your Facebook Friends See Your Status Updates”  You will agree with me that Most of Your Friends on Facebook don’t even get to see Your Status new updates on their news-feed, this can help You to grow You audience. Maybe You might be  thinking that,  they are snubbing Your updates or even overlook it. You may be right and wrong, some Facebook Friends did it purposely by snubbing one’s update with out even hitting the comment or the like button, its natural.

Facebook has its own way of showing updates to friends. Facebook sees certain engagement factors to establish a relationship between 2 people. The more you connect with the other person, the more you will see his or her posts. “But the reverse also happens.”

Here in this post You will get to know quickly some steps how To Make All Your Facebook Friends See Your Status Updates.

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The bellow can be of help to You.

  1. Have a good conversation chat with the person for a few minutes that You’re targetting  (for atleast 2 days).
  2. “Like” some recent updates of your Friend.
  3. “Comment” on some of his/her recent Facebook updates.
  4. Mention or tag that person in some Facebook posts.
  5. React” on some recent status updates of Your Facebook friends.

It’s happen that, the more engagement between You and Your Facebook Friends determines who will see your Status updates on His/Her timeline. Okay Guys! That’s it, there is no magic to perform…


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