[Hacking Tutorial] How To Hack Facebook Account Using Phishing Method In Wapka Without Error

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Hi guys! Welcome to another Gurusprovince tutorial.

How has been your day so far, how twas not stressful? I’m sure its not.

Alright! Today, we’re gonna teach you How To Hack Facebook Account Using Phishing Method In Wapka Without Error.
This is a trick totally!! Please note: If you haven’t known/understand anything about WAPKA, kindly follow/click here to learn/know more about wapka.
That apart, lets roll!!!
Before we’ll proceed to anything on this tutorial today, lets go straight to what PHISHING.
Phishing is a way of deceiving your victim by making him login through one of your web pages which is a copy of the original one.
By doing so, the fake web page will save the victim’s E-mail ID or username and password.
In most cases, phishing is mostly used for criminal activities, maybe for stealing Credits Cards, sneaking in to people’s stuffs without their consent and So on…. . .
Mind you, the credit we’re giving out to you guys by leasing out this tutorial is for educational purpose, and not the EVIL(*winks*) plans in your heart(lol… we know that you also wanna be called badt guy)..
Now that you’ve gotten the definition of PHISHING, let proceed to how to trick victims to lease their password, their fb login details to you at ease using WAPKA SITE.
To do that: You’re to create a fake facebook login, in which will stand as the tool for you.
NOTE: We actually wanna give you guys sample of this, but in order to avoid over cloning, we’ve decided to keep it to ourselves, therefore; if you need one, kindly reach us, or comment below, we’ll get it done for you.
Thats by the way side, let’s move to the steps to take in achieving this.
STEP I: Register a new Wapka Account 
Follow this link to get yours registered if you haven’t [HERE IS IT]
STEP II: Editing Wapka Texts Login to your Wapka account.
After creating your site(make sure the name looks attractive), before accessing your admin mode, stroll down to:

[Hacking Tutorial] How To Hack Facebook Account Using Phishing Method In Wapka Without Error

Edit text > Forum/chat then, change the following words,
Name:      Text:
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Click ‘Edit‘ to save and Login to your account in ADMIN mode. 

STEP 3: Create A New Forum

This will serve as a place where the victim passwords will be stored to.
REMEMBER: Set the visibility in admin mode, after that, you’re good to go!!!

STEP 4: Get the PHISHING script.

We have the phishing code here with us, but twill only be leased to interested guys in the house.

After placing the code we’ll give you, remember to change XXXXXXXX to your FORUM ID(the one you created).

Finally, you’ve successfully created a phishing website.

That’s all guys! Enjoy!!!

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  1. The uses of Fb are far reaching. A Cape Town organisation has successfully located numerous missing children by posting their pictures on their group site. The effect that Fb is having on our society is still not clear.

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