[Hacking Tutorial] How To Restore A Hacked Wapka SIte Without Error

Wapka Tutorial
Hey! Guys!! Welcome to another ULTIMATE Gurusprovince tutorial.
Today, we’re gonna be teaching you guys: How To Restore A Hacked Wapka SIte Without Error.

Is your wapka account Hacked?
The worst thing you get to know when you login into your wapka account, is that your site is messed up. Someone had gotten access to your account and you probably lost all your hard work! This is the worst situation in any wapmasters life. So what should I do now?
First change your password as soon as possible!
In wapka, security settings are very stronger. Some one can only hack your site if he or she knows your password. NEVER share your password with any one even if he/she is your good friend.
Second most important thing is your e-mail. Never give any false e-mail to wapka in registration field. Your e-mail is the most important key if your account is hacked or in other words accessed by someone

How did hacker know my password? 

Here is the most important question, You never shared your password with anyone but still hacker knows your password! The answer for this the hacker might have used ‘phishing’ technique.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is the technique used by hackers to steal the passwords of a user.
In phishing attacker create a site which exactly look like original site. When user tries to login, that site stores your login information. [coded] If you ever think you have been ‘Phished’, you can be sure that he does not know more than your password. Change your password and hacker can’t access you site anymore!

Why attacker can’t change my password?

It’s True, even if your account is hacked, attacker can’t change your password! Because to change your
password you may need to enter PIN. This unique PIN is e-mailed to you. You can change password only if you enter correct PIN. Login to your e-mail account, get the pin and change the password. I
have change my password, Now I want my content back! Now you can even get your content back to normal. wapka has an automatic backup system, which takes backup of your site for a specific time interval. Login to you account, go to ==> tools ==> backups Select available backup and your site will be back to normal. And never ever share your password, and try to avoid being phished. While login in into wapka make sure you are on correct site and always check the address bar.
Try automatic login whenever possible!
Go to setting and enable automatic login first! do you , use same browser to login into wapka?
If you use same browser always try to Enable Browser verification. This way if someone logins to account other than your specified browser he or she’ll need to enter the PIN. So PIN is only known to you! Always remember never to give false e-mail.
As it’s the only way to get back your account.
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Thats all guys!!
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