[HACKING TUTORIAL] Trace Your Facebook Users Location using IP address

Hey guys! Welcome to another Gurusprovince tutorial. Today,We gonna be showing You guys some IP grabbers and how to trace Your Facebook users using the following tools.

After getting these,let’s see how we can use them to track an IP address with the first given tool there.”Blasze IP logger” On the website enter any URL like facebook.com or any file URL like image.com/image2.jpg and click ‘submit’.
You will get some information related to your tracking link. Note down your Access code and copy your tracking link which you will need to send out to the Facebook user whose IP address you want to log.

Tutorial Credit: Joel Anthony.

More options: How Does This Work?

  1. Enter a URL to forward your recipient to.
  2. Give them the link that Blasze generates.
  3. (Optional) Put the link through Bit.ly for more secrecy.
  4. Save the statistics URL provided or the code.

Now go back to main page and enter the code to see your link stats and the IP addresses that accessed it.
Now go to the main page after some time and paste your Access code to check if the victim has clicked (Scroll down a bit to see access logs).

2.)Grabify IP logger
You can Generate invisible IP logger, which may be inserted into your message, web-page or blog for statistics collection, getting the IP addresses of all the users who opened your message, page, blog, etc. Note that logger presence will be invisible

An example of using this invisible image logger in HTML: <img src=”https://grabify.link/YOUR_CODE”>

Make sure You create an account with them before accessing further. The same way goes to when tracking Facebook users.

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This tool has one different feature that allow you place Invisible picture into any HTML page or website,blog that will automatically log the IP of visitor along with out the user notice, but Unless you know basic HTML and how to host website online i would recommend not to use it and instead use regular redirect URL method.   After creating Your tracking code,We recommend You to shortlink the code by using any of the below links shortners.
http://tinyurl.com or  http://bit.ly to reduce suspicious.

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