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A few years ago, converting airtime to cash was almost difficult. Many companies and people having a lot of airtime on their phones had to sell it straight to friends or family who required it for calls or data subscriptions at the time.

As a result, if you’ve ever overcharged your phone’s airtime, there are ways to convert Airtime to cash, and you can do so quickly using a variety of websites and apps.

In this post, I’ll outline 10 sites that will buy your airtime if you overcharge or just want to sell your phone’s airtime.

Let’s get started.

1. Aimtoget

Aimtoget is one of the greatest apps in Nigeria for converting airtime to cash, and I’ve detailed how to utilize it here.

It is a platform for converting airtime into cash instantly. This platform is quickly establishing itself as the preferred method of converting airtime into cash.

They were the first, and they’ve subsequently increased the range of services available through their app. They will buy your airtime for a very low price if you sell it to them.

The Aimtoget app can help you with more than just converting your airtime to cash;

It can also help you with bill payments, data purchases, airtime purchases, and fund transfers, among other things.

Aimtoget is the app for you if you’re looking for a great way to convert your Nigerian airtime to cash.

This is because they have a physical address, a phone number, and some user evaluations. Aimtoget turns your airtime to cash and pays you 80% of the amount.

The platform also allows you to purchase airtime, data bundles, pay bills, and send and receive money.

Businesses can also accept payments in the form of airtime on their websites using Aimtoget.On Google Play.

Aimtoget offers a mobile app. Don’t forget to read up on the app as well as the user reviews.

2. Cheetahpay

If you have physical recharge cards for sale, you have two options with Cheetahpay: convert your airtime balance to cash or convert your airtime pin to cash.

What I like best about the platform is how thorough their FAQ on converting airtime to cash is. Click here to see it.

Cheetahpay’s app has received mixed reviews on the Google Play Store. You can read them online or download the app by clicking here.

3. Easymobile

You may Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Buy Airtime and Data, update your electricity bill, pay for your TV subscription, and, of course, convert your airtime to cash in no time with Eazymobile.

It would simply take 5 steps to sell your airtime with them quickly under the airtime conversion section.

Eazymobile’s airtime conversion costs change according to market rates, so you won’t be overcharged.

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Not only that, but Eazymobile also allows you to send Bulk SMS, all from the comfort of your own dashboard. On Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram, they provide customer service.

Phone: +2349021666608 | Eazymobile’s office is located at Shop 15, Off Alabata Road, Funaab Abeokuta To see their website, click here.

4. AirtimeFlip

Another amazing app that allows you to change your airtime into cash in Nigeria is AirtimeFlip.

This program is one of the best, and even if it just converts airtime to cash, you can use it as your primary airtime converter for the time being.

AirtimeFlip is easy to use and features a straightforward layout that makes using the apps a breeze.

You may also read an article on how to use AirtimeFlip to convert airtime to cash.

Despite the fact that it has many unfavorable reviews, this app is still quite good and one of the best for converting airtime to cash in Nigeria.

5. VTU.ng

In Nigeria, you can use vtu.ng to convert airtime into cash.

When you sell airtime to them, they pay you either through your VTU.ng wallet or your bank account. vtu.ng convert MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile and pay you 80% after deducting 20%.


Patricia is unquestionably one of Nigeria’s most popular sites for trading cryptocurrencies and gift cards.

This crypto trading platform, on the other hand, has a feature that allows customers to convert their airtime into cash.

Patricia has one of the better prices when compared to the other airtime to cash apps on this website.

If you sell N1000 in airtime, for example, you should receive N800 in cash in your Patricia Bitcoin Wallet. This app is easy to use, has a great User Inter


Nigerians can also use Recharge2Cash to convert their airtime into cash in just a few simple steps.

This app is one of Nigeria’s best, and it currently only allows you to sell airtime for cash, which is sent into your bank account within minutes. They buy huge amounts of airtime and pay for it right away.

You may also save a lot of money by purchasing data through Recharge2cash. They have one of the best airtime to cash conversion apps in Nigeria, and their app is easy to use and their services are outstanding.


With iPayAirtime, you can convert airtime to cash and use airtime to pay for products online. There is no registration price, but they do levy an 18% deposit fee on MTN airtime.

According to them, this is the best deal currently available on the internet. They also provide an API and business assistance, so you can use iPayAirtime on your website to accept payments in the form of airtime.

At this time, they do not have an app. Please click here to learn more about iPayAirtime.

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9. Airtime2Cash Nigeria

Airtime2Cash Nigeria is currently captivating everyone’s attention with their dependable services, as well as assuring that you get paid even when the bank is closed and you don’t have fast access to your funds.

You can use Airtime2Cash to receive paid via airtime from your customers, and Airtime2Cash will credit your account right away.

Airtime2Cash allows you to sell your airtime for real money in minutes, and they provide fantastic customer service that will answer any questions you may have.

Airtime2Cash is one of the most popular apps in Nigeria for converting airtime to cash.

10. Modelc.

Modelc allows users to change airtime into cash, as well as pay bills and utilities. The website and app also allow you to purchase and trade bitcoins.

If you’re concerned about their trustworthiness, keep in mind that they’ve been there for a long time and are quite available if you need someone to talk to when conducting business.

They have a live chat feature on their platform, as well as alternatives to reach them by messenger, Telegram, Instagram, and, of course, phone — +234 (0) 813 7540 652.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Modelc is that you can earn up to 5750 simply by introducing one person to the platform.

Right now, this is the best affiliate income opportunity available, and you should take advantage of it. To become an affiliate, please click here.

But wait, there’s more. On the Google Playstore, they also have an Android app. To download it, go to the Google Playstore and search for Modelc.

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