How to Install Ads.txt File on WordPress Website and Blogspot blog


Learning how to install ads.txt file on WordPress and BlogSpot blog for google AdSense is the simplest thing but due to we been scared of our earnings been at risk by ads owners like Google AdSense make some ads publishers think it’s hard. The ads.txt file is an initiative made by IAB Tech Lab to protect advertisers and publishers from fraud sellers, fake clicks, spoofing, and others.

This initiative is also highly recommended for Google AdSense users (no exception to other platforms such as DoubleClick and Ad Exchange). The reason is that ads.txt indirectly makes ads appear more optimal, and at the same time, the advertisers do not lose money due to fake ad slots.

How to create ads.txt file on WordPress site

Step 1: Create ads.txt file for AdSense

1. Right-click on your desktop and select New → Text Document.

2. Give the name to ads only (no need to add. Txt because the format is already like that).

3. Copy one of the following lines of code based on your publisher’s status.

Confused? Next, I explain the definition of the code:

google.com – because it’s a Google service, the domain is automatically google.com. You don’t need to change this value if you use Google AdSense or DoubleClick.

pub-0000000000000000 – is your publisher code which can be found on the AdSense → Account → Account Information → Publisher ID page. Please replace it with your own code.

  • DIRECT – gives a signal that you are a publisher who has full control of the account but does not sell ad slots to third parties (the average publisher is this type).
  • RESELLER – means you are a publisher who also sells ad slots to third parties (usually only done by large publishers).
  • f08c47fec0942fa0 – is the identification code for Google. You don’t need to change this code.

So you only need one line: either DIRECT or RESELLER.

4. If so, click File → Save (CTRL + S) file.

Step 2: Upload ads.txt file on WordPress without plugins

Because this addition is very minor, it would be better if you did not rely on the plugin. Because the fewer plugins mean that WordPress blog is lighter.

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(Scroll down to see the guide to using the plugin.)

1. Go to your cPanel page then select File Manager.

Usually, cPanel can be accessed via the address websitename.com/cpanel

2. Then in the folder list, double-click on the directory of the site you want to install ads.txt

3. After logging in, click the Upload menu.

4. Upload the ads file that you created earlier. It can be dragged or through Select File.

5. If it’s already uploaded, return to the File Manager page then click Reload.

You should see a file called ads.txt.

How to Use WordPress plugin to install ads.txt file on WordPress for AdSense

Another way is to use a special plugin to implement the ads.txt file on WordPress blog. You can use this method if you don’t really understand using cPanel.

1. Move your mouse to plugins on your WordPress dashboard left sidebar –> click on Add New

2. Search and Install a plugin called Ads.txt Manager on your WordPress site.

3. Then, enter Settings → Ads.txt → enter your ads.txt code.

4. Finally, Save Changes.

NOTE: This plugin does not yet support WordPress multisite. Therefore the method by uploading ads.txt file to File Manager is more recommended for multisite.

How to Check if ads.txt file on WordPress blog is installed

To check whether the ads.txt file is successfully installed on your WordPress blog, you can visit the site using the format namewebsite.com/ads.txt

There will appear ads.txt code that has been installed.

How to Create Ads.txt File on BlogSpot blog

Step 1: Create ads.txt file for AdSense

Good news for BlogSpot users you don’t need to create any ads.txt file for AdSense on your BlogSpot because Google BlogSpot blog has an inbuilt feature for ads.txt where you can input your ads.txt code.

1. To create ads.txt file for BlogSpot you will need to log in to your publisher account, here I will use google AdSense to illustrate.

2. Once you login you will see a red flag notification as shown below

3. Then you click on fix now and it will take you to where you will download you ads.txt code

4. Click the Down arrow to open the “Create an ads.txt file for…” message.

5. Click Download. Your ads.txt file is automatically downloaded.

6. Then open the downloaded file with your notepad, you will see a code that looks like this

google.com, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Note: your pub-0000000000000000, can not be the same as the example I stated here, its numeric example pub-1728399262829874 and its is 16-digit long

7. Then copy all the code in the file you opened with notepad and paste them in your blogger BlogSpot blog custom ads.txt box, use the image below as a guideline.

8. Save changes.

You have successfully install ads.txt code on your Blogger BlogSpot blog.

How to Check if ads.txt code is installed on your Blogger BlogSpot blog

To check whether the ads.txt file is successfully installed on your blogger BlogSpot blog, you can visit the site using the format namewebsite.com/ads.txt

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There will appear the ads.txt code that has been installed as shown in the image shown below

How to Check for Error on Ads.txt Code

When your ads.txt code shows an error or is different from the one you have been seeing due to some factor of error, you can use a tool called Ads.txt Validator.

Ads.txt Validator will tell whether it’s valid or not. If not, you will also be notified of the source of the problem and its solution.

Here are some frequently asked questions about installing ads.txt file on WordPress and blogpost blog for Adsense that you might also want to ask.

What is ads.txt?

Simply put, ads.txt is a new rule that is useful for increasing publisher transparency so that the advertising ecosystem becomes healthier.

That way, advertisers are more confident in placing ads on your site.

Is ads.txt required to be installed?

At the time of writing this article, ads.txt is highly recommended. But Google strongly recommends installing ads.txt on all websites that use advertising networks, including AdSense.

In fact,  Google will make ads.txt become an obligation for AdSense publishers.

Can ads.txt increase revenue?

There is no guarantee, but the presence of ads.txt makes your site safer from fraud thereby increasing the chances of advertisers installing higher CPC bidding.

You can still increase AdSense CPC in various other ways.

Can I install more than one ads.txt code?

Of course, you can. If you use more than one advertising network, you can place the new code in the next line, both DIRECT and RESELLER.

Is ads.txt only for Google AdSense?

No. The majority of the large advertising networks currently support ads.txt. Even if you use other advertising, this feature still must be activated.

Okay, that’s how to install ads.txt file on WordPress and BlogSpot blog for AdSense. Not difficult right?

If you have questions, please write in the comments box!

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