How To Know Differences Between Google AdSense Hosted and Non Hosted Accounts

How To Know Differences Between Google Adsense Hosted and Non Hosted Accounts
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Today, we’re gonna teaching you guys: How To Know Differences  Between Google Adsense Hosted and Non Hosted Accounts
Identifying AdSene account is as simple as ABC, but we noticed few people know how to do this, that’s why we’re leasing you guys this, kindly stay tune as you discover the difference between hosted and non hosted Adsense account.

Hosted Account

1. Easy to approve
2. Earn money with You Tube and with You tube live events too
3. You can’t use it only on Websites which are hosted by Google

Non Hosted Account 

1. It lets you to earn money from You tube and as well as from Youtube live events too
2. You can use it on any Website. It doesn’t matter whether the site is hosted by Google or not
3. You can also use it on Windows apps and mobiles to earn money.

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More on this will be leased out soon, that’s all guys!

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