How To Remove Thick Line From Links In Wapka PC And Default Browsers View

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Many wapka users have been faced with the problem of underline below the links (also known as hyperlinks) in wapka, and actually this happens when you are using surfing site built on wapka platform with PC or mobile default browser.

This type of problem don’t appear on Opera mini, Uc browsers, Chrome, Firefox On Mobile, which do deceive most of web and wapmasters operating on wapka that their website is physically fit.

Lets avoid long words, let proceed to the tutorial proper.

How To Remove The Underlines

To remove the underline thick code from your wapka site,
Go to your Edit Site > Global Settings > Headtag > Then paste this code below there


NOTE: Dont remove a from code.

Hurray!!! You have finally and successfully kick away those underline.

In other hands if you know much about CSS just go to your Headtag as well then Set the “a {text-decoration}” to “none” in your CSS box.

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Now if you still want underline below some links use can use wapka’s options in link section. or by manually posting text in HTML as < u>Your Text Here< /u>.

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