How To Run Facebook Ads For Free

Hey Guys! Welcome to Gurusprovince website and  to another cracked revealed tutorial. Today, We gonna unveiling one of the secrete of FACEBOOK. Do You know, You can get free coupon code for free? HUH! I guess, one needs proper explanation here, right? Facebook normally offers coupon code to run Your first FACEBOOK ADS though, this might take time but, its works life and truth…!  Sorry for our inactive service to You guys. We promise, We’re back again!  As mentioned earlier,  We’re showing You guys how to attain a free coupon code to run Your first ads on FACEBOOK.  This only works on a very active FACEBOOK ACCOUNT that hasn’t try or run FACEBOOK ADS in recent future.!  Ads networks are one of the better ways for promoting Websites worldwide. Like :

  • Google Adwords,
  • LinkedIn,
  • BuySellAds,
  • Facebook.

Facebook are know as  the major ads networks where advertisers can advertise their sites,  products etc. Today I’m going to tell about a trick to get free Facebook advertising coupon worth $50,  depending upon the country in which you are residing.

Tutorial Credit: Joel Anthony.

Login to Facebook account. Go to the Facebook Ads creator link by clicking here. Setup your Ad.
After you’re done creating, click on Review Ad button placed at the bottom of the page.
It will take you to the next page where you can see an option of Place Order.
Click on it, it will ask for payment method.

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Choose Credit Card option and click on Continue.
Under Credit Card information, enter invalid Credit Card number with other details correct like Name, Address and then click on Submit.

NOTE:  Don’t enter any other person’s details; In a smarter way to do this is to interchange your own Credit Card number’s digits.

You will receive errors like  “The authorization for this card was declined.  Please verify that all card information you’ve provided is accurate, and try again. If you continue to experience these problems,  you will have to contact your bank or card issuer to find out why the authorization was declined.”

Repeat the whole process for 2-3 days continuously (once in a day) and wait for some days.
After some days, you will receive an email associated with Your Facebook account from Facebook Ads Team with title:

“Get $50 in Free Advertising on Facebook” OR
“Get Rs.1500 in Free Advertising on Facebook”

And body:

Hi User,
We noticed that you tried to create a Facebook Ad in the past. For a limited time we’re offering you a #### coupon to launch your first ad for FREE!
That’s all, try it today and let me know if you’ve succeeded in it.

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