KEYLOGGER: Simple steps on how to create a keylogger with Dev C++ without error

Simple steps on how to create a keylogger with Dev C++ without error
I believe you’ll agree with us that building Keylogger seems hard and complicated, also using money to purchase a premium keylogger is kinda somehow. If your reasons falls to this then we ghat a solution for you here on how to build yours without error.

Hi guys!!! Welcome to another Gurusprovince Tutorial.

Today, we’re gonna be teaching you guys an awesome steps on how to build a keylogger using Dev C++

So what is KEYLOGGER?

Keylogger simply means a tools on your device that monitors each attempts or strokes people takes on your device.
It can be used in monitoring people’s password and also to unveil hidden things people using your PC seems not disclosing to you while making use of your device.

DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t in any way to fraud acts, rather its for educational purpose, to enhance your programming skills and other good purposes.


  • Computer/PC
  • Dev C++ [Download here] if you don’t have one
  • Your brain [Find one if you don’t have]

STEP I: Launch your Dev C++
After downloading your Dev C++, launch it and let’s start work.

STEP II: Paste these codes

STEP III: Compile the program(Alt +F4)
After pasting the codes, make it to an executable server file(.exe)
STEP IV: Click that .exe file
After compiling the executable  program you’ve created, you will be followed with a black screen blinking then each of the keystrokes are recorded to “LOG.txt’ at c directory.
Finally!! You have successfully created a KEYLOGGER!!!
That’s all guys!
If you encountered any error while trying this tutorial, kindly make use of the comment box below, we’ll reply you instantly.
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