[Phone Discussion] 5 Things You Must Do Before Resetting/Restoring Any Android Phone

[Phone Discussion] 5 Things You Must Do Before Resetting/Restoring Any Android Phone

Hey Guys!! Welcome to another Gurusprovince tutorial.

Today, we’re gonna teach you guys necessary things to do before taking a step on restoring your phone to its normal state when twas bought newly.

Over 50.5% of people in the world today are using smartphone, due to one reason or the other.
And as the name implies, “SMARTPHONE” it make things we handle online smart, even the camera, the videos and other things we used it for also go smart too.
But come to think of it, several individuals that are making use of these devices makes use of it wrongly, that’s why we decided to spare out these tutorial to you guys.


1. Backing up all your pictures and other files you don’t want to lose to your computer or an SD card.
2. Ensuring your phone is synced with Gmail so you won’t lose your contacts.If you don’t want to sync your phone with Gmail,
3. It’s not recommended to backup your applications as they might be the reason your phone needs a factory reset in the first place.
4. If your phone doesn’t have a SIM card, you should check with your carrier before performing a factory reset as it might need to be reactivated by the carrier after the reset.This is especially a concern with Verizon phones and other carriers who use CDMA networks.
5. After you have saved all data and media to your SD card,you should remove it from your phone to prevent accidental formatting while resetting your phone.
Doing all these, saves you from losing your files.
That’s all!!!
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