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[Php Tutorial] Easy Steps To Successfully Install A Script On PHP Platform

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[Php Tutorial] Easy Steps To Successfully Install A Script On Php Platform
Hey! Guys! Welcome to another Gurusprovince tutorial.

Today, we’re gonna be teaching you guys; steps on how to successfully install a script into your PHP website with error.

We recently noticed that several folks wanna operate on php platform but doesn’t know how to go about installing the script, that why we decided to lease out this tutorial for your guys.

Kindly follow the below steps cordially.

– Log onto your Web space either via FTP software like filezilla or a FTP website like net2ftp.com or wapftp.mobi using your webserver username and password.

– Browse to the directory where you wish to place your script. It is advisable to choose a folder where you will want to install the script. it is preferable to choose your webhost root folder popularly name “public_html” or “htdoc”.

– Select your script using the upload button in your FTP client, then browse the drive/folder where the script is.

– Click “Upload,” “Send,” or your FTP client’s equivalent.

– Wait until the transfer is complete.

– A progress bar should come up, telling you how much of your script has been sent and how long it has left.

Finally you’ve successfully uploaded the script.

– Now to install the script, simply click, open, and extract the files from the zip file.

– After extraction, most script come with a readme.txt file containing further installation instruction; this will guide you on how to install the script.

– If the file isn’t among the script, contact the script owner for further installation guide.

Thats all for today guys!!
If you experience any error while trying this tutorial, kindly make use of the comment box below, we’ll reply you immediately.
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