Steps To Remove Malware [Malicious] Code In Your WordPress blog


Hey Guys! Welcome to another Gurusprovince tutorial. Today, We gonna br teaching You Guys steps to get rid of that virus redirect You to an un-known source called, www.malwarebytes.org  Malware in a site is the work of a malicious code. Malicious code, are very dangerous code that can harm You website. It’s fuction and redirect users or visitors to an un-know source. And this can get Your visitors nervous and refuse to come back! Today, With this article a solution will made…. In addition Malicious code, is created and modify by Hackers to get rid of Your web.

Steps To Remove Malware [Malicious] Code In Your WordPress blog

Step 1 :- For a proper advance method, You’re recommended to scan You Computer befor proceeding.. Malware or Malicious code can infect Your WordPress blog various method,. So, scanm Your Computer with any strong ANTI-VIRUS software.

Step 2 :- Log on to Your Cpanel and change Your  Change cPanel/FTP Pass-code.  Make sure, while choosing pass-code, its should be something strong in nature not to guess.

Step 3 :- Download  the latest WordPress from their official Website like : www.wordPress.com/download. Use any zip extraction to extract the files from the zip format or tar.gz that You have gotten from their Official website.

Step 4 :- Here You will finally remove the malicious code. Login to Your FTP or cPanel goto  File Manager. Your WordPress installation files on your web host should look like the bellow files :

  • wp-admin
  • wp-content
  • wp-includes
  • index.php
  • license.txt
  • readme.html
  • wp-activate.php
  • wp-blog-header.php
  • wp-comments-post.php
  • wp-config.php
  • wp-config-sample.php
  • wp-cron.php
  • wp-links-opml.php
  • wp-load.php
  • wp-login.php
  • wp-mail.php
  • wp-settings.php
  • wp-signup.php
  • wp-trackback.php
  • xmlrpc.php
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The above files folder should deleted and alown the
“wp-content folder”, and
“wp-config.php file.” to
remain in the located place.

Move on to  Your cPanel  click on  File Manager, then then edit the folder  “wp-config.php file”. Note every suspected code and remove any if there is  such. How to identify malware ? It will just or more else like a string of a ramdom text files.  Now open the wp-content folder.

Example of the view should look like the bellow folder files :

  • plugins
  • themes
  • uploads
  • index.php

Now, You can remove the plugin in there and index.php file. Don’t worry about Your plugins, You can install them back after the proper cleaning, So, You take a pen and pin down the plugins.  Goto the themes folder,  make proper cleaning.  Check every directory inside Your uploads folder to make sure there are no PHP files or anything that You may not have uploaded.

Step 5 :- Upload Your WordPress downloaded from the official site.  NOTE : You must unzip the file before uploading  via FTP. Make every changes You have erased ealier.

That’s all Guys! Cheers!!! Please, after doing this or lost along the way, You can contact Us for assistance.. THANK YOU!

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