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HELLO all viewers of Gurusprovince. HAPPY EASTER CELEBRATION SEASON.

Welcome to another great tutorial class,today you will be shown how to get a free domain name,yes! I mean a dot com(.com),are you supprise?
Its quiet unfortunate that many bloggers who blogged on difference platform have been sending us mail about this particular tutorial how to(get free dot com domain name) of which today we are unveiling it because, we’ve realized many bloggers needs it.
For you to gain alot about this tutorial,you have to pay full attention in this, after reading and learning, you make you clear comment, remember, do not comment(s) any unrelated comment in this particular post.

Tutorial Credit: Joel Anthony


– After downloading the software mentioned above,unzip it,if its in zip file then you install the software into your pc system.
First step to take is,
NOTE: You have to pay full attention because; when you missed this first step, the free dot com domain will not worked.
– Not every country are eligible to this free offer.

Open the software(HOTSPOT SHEILD) and open the country pages and choose your country as FRANCE.
Thats means, you are browsing from FRANCE entirely.

Whats this software does?
Its helps you to change from your country to any country IP ADDRESS automatically to any selected country.

– Open your chrome browser tab.
– Type in www.ip2location.com
To verify your location if truely, its has been changed to the country you selected from the HOTSPOT SHIELD
(open new tab)
– Type  WWW.ONE.COM in your url bar.
– Search for the domain name you need from the tab page of (WWW.ONE.COM)
– Choose new customer in the customer info.
– Select (private customer)

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(open another new tab)

– Type www.fakenamegenerator.com
In the page forum (www.fakenamegenerator.com) select your country as FRANCE as choosed from the HOTSPOT SHIELD.
Then you begin to use all details provided to fill out the form required from you except the contact number,you should not include from the fake details you have generated.

(open another new tab)


Select your Country again as FRANCE, A contact will be provided to you that same contact, use it to fill as your contact mobile number.
The reason for this is because, an sms verification code will be sent to you through the number you provided while signing up for the free domain name for verification.

– After filling out all the form. A page will displayed where you will be asked to enter your verification code.
– Open WWW.RECEIVE-SMS-ONLINE.INFO then,you refresh the page,there you will find the verification code and enter it to the requested page.
– Remember, choose a BANK TRANSFER as your order shipping.
– A verification link will be sent to your mail box from the company your are ordering the free domain name.
– Open your email and click on that link to verify that you whose the email address.
– After verifying the email ID,you choose a password to protect your login details.

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Now you have completed ordered for a free domain name.
YOU can decided to host it there also for free or you change your DNS to your host you want.

Show more concern by giving your testimonies below by using the comment box or give your stage(s) of lost also,we are there to guide and direct you.

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