[Wapka Code] Nice And Advance Message In Forum (MIF) Code Like 9jaFans For Your Wapka Site

Wapka Tutorial

Hey guys! Welcome to another Gurusprovince tutorial.

Today, we’re gonna be giving you guys Nice And Advance Message In Forum(MIF) Code Like 9jaFans.
Kindly follow the below steps.
Go to your EDIT SITE > WAP2Styles for content in forum/chatSet global settings of styles for forum/chat >  set own form for: Messages in forum > Now paste the below code there
Style of messages in the forum:*

Style of the forum site:**

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Then save it,

Create another site(as in new page), then name it Forum Bottom Auto content, or whatever, you can still use your bottom autocontent(-2) but its not recommended for advance users due to some certain reasons that we may not like to share here.
Now after creating the new page(your Forum Bottom Autocontent), place this codes there in your HTML/XHTML box.


FOR MORE THAN 20KB IMAGES IN FORUM(remember to disable/untick your ::img:: in your forum(Read more here)


Then save.

NOTE: Do not remove anything from the above codes, else, you might encounter error, the CSS and the JAVASCRIPTS has been correctly placed to the appropriate places where it should be.
We may later break them into pieces for more understanding to you guys.

After that, come back and drop your testimonies.

If you encountered any error while making use of this tutorial, kindly make use of the comment box below.

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