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[Wapka Tutorial] More Advance BBCODE For Your Wapka Site

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Wapka Tutorial

Hey guys! Welcome to another awesome Gurusprovince tutorial.
Today, we’re gonna be giving out An advance BBcode to our our wapka site viewers.

BBCODE you know, has been the method or way in which you can use in styling text in your wapka site.
Therefore; stay tune as we’re gonna give you an advance one.

Follow the step below to get your done.

Go to your forum bottom auto content(you should know that’s where we usually base our things on).
Then paste this below code


Go to your message in forum[MIF], the place this code there. replace the ::msg:: with this

Then save it.

Mehn! That’s all!! Kindly go ahead and start flexing your awesome BBCODE.

If you encounter any difficulties while making use of this tutorial, kindly make use of the comment box below, we’re gonna reply you instantly.

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