[Wapka Tutorial] Simple And Easy Ways On How To Change Url And Title Of A Wapka Site, Page And Forum Without Error

Wapka Tutorial
Hey guys! Welcome to another set of tutorial, hope your day wasn’t stressful??? I guess tis not.

So, Today we’re gonna show show you how to “how to change their site page title and url” especially for  wapka beginners, cos most guys that has stayed long in wapka would’ve really understand, though, some didn’t .
We decided to post this tutorial because we once had this kind of problems when we began building site with wapka.
So here are the clear step by step tutorial to follow:
NOTE: To Change/Edit the site name: you have to navigate to the site where you added the page and click ::Edit Site:: Site:(the site name)  –  A textbox appears you can now change the site name and the title will be changed authomatically. 
If you don’t know the location of the page whose Title you wanna change, click the greater than sign you’ll find after site id and then click on site tree.
Look well and you’ll see the root page where you added the page whose title you wanna change to.
This can be achieved using the javascript title with the document object. We’ll talk about that later.
How to change wapka page url changing wapka page url can still be done in two ways.
Method 1. How to change wapka page url: Wapka normal way.
Wapka programmers provided us with an easy way of doing this.
just navigate to
::Edit Site:: – Change title – the second box, type the url you want to use there.
It’s encouraged to use “” instead of other separators.
Note: whatever you put there will replace the site id!
Method 2. Second method of changing page title: Using javascript
With this method, you can introduce some items into wapka url such as “get-“,”stats“,”user-fncs“,etc.
So,you can change wapka site url and page title.
Thats all guys!
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