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[Wapkiz Code] Nice and advance head tag code for your wapkiz site

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We believe you’ll agree with us that sometimes writing WAPACT head tag do gets one bored, not because it hard to formulate but because that the nature, but today, we’re gonna be giving you a nice head tag for you WAPACT site.

Hi guys! Welcome to another Gurusprovince tutorial.
Today, we’re gonna be giving you guys a nice and awesome headtag for you wapact site.

Before we proceed, let’s get each other clarify with what Headtag means and it usefulness to our site.

So what is this HEADTAG?

Headtag can be refer to one of the useful part of a website,  which generate set up for other part of the web page. Wherefore we can liken it to your body as an human being.
Your head contains the brain with receives and transfers impulses to the body for regular movement of the body. Is that all?


Headtag has a lot of usefulness, following the definition we gave above.
Head tag contains your title, your fav icon, your CSS, JS, AJAX, JQUERY and many other codes that you wish to propagate on the full site. Head tag in writing full site set or when codding a site from scratch looks like this:

Disregarding that,we’re gonna give you an awesome headtag for your site. here we go!

Now your Panel Mode >

Then click on Panel and click on Meta Header >

Now paste this code there:


Paste this in your CSS box

That’s all guys!!

If you encounter any error while making use of this tutorial or you have any question(s), kindly make use of the comment box below, we’ll reply you instantly.

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