WAPKIZ DNS: Simple steps on how to park custom domain to Wapkiz site

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Do you find it difficult to park custom domain into your WAPKIZ SITE? Or you’re facing errors while trying to park it. Then this article is simply for you.

Hey Guys!! Welcome to another Gurusprovince tutorial.

Today, we’re gonna be teaching you guys Simple steps on how to successfully park domain into Wapkiz and also knowing Wapkiz DNS

If you doesn’t have any knowledge about wapkiz before, kindly enter here to get started with wapkiz with cool and awesome tutorials we’ve made for you.

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Back to business, so how do I park domain into my Wapkiz site?.

Well, that is simple, before proceeding to anything here,  we’ll like to broaden your knowledge about DNS and Wapkiz DNS

So what is DNS?

DNS simply means Domain Name System which is very essential part of Internet System. It simply maps a FQDN (Full Qualified Domain Name), which is in human readable form. For example, www.grprovince.com to IP address, which are used by computer machine, e.g. For this process, DNS uses zone files that are stored in servers, which contains resource records to map a domain name to an IP address.

Is that all?

Nah! Namesever is also needed to be point in order to make it work/

So what is Nameserver?

Nameservers are a part of Domain Name System. These DNS servers keep the records of which domain is connected to which IP address. Nameservers allow us to use a domain instead of IP address of the DNS server. When a visitor types the URL of your domain then the DNS server tells the browser that from which server it should load content from. In easy words, Nameservers define the current DNS provider of your domain.

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Wow!!! So tell me, what are the Wapkiz Nameservers.

Below are the wapkiz Nameservers:


So how do I park my custom domain into my Wapkiz site?

Kindly follow the steps below to get it done.

How to park custom domain to Wapkiz Site

STEP I: Go to your domain register
Where you hosted your domain, if it is free custom domain (.tk, .ml, .ga, .gq) enter Freenom.com, you can check tutorial on how to park domain on freenom here.
If not free custom domain, enter your hosting company url, then login into your client area, then fill the boxes with your username and password.

STEP II: Enter your dashboard
On your dashboard after signing into your client area, click on domain, the list of your domain will appear in the next page, locate the one you want to point the DNS to, then click it. Another page will appear.

STEP III: Point the nameservers
After entering the next page, locate nameserver on your dashboard, then change the radio button from default nameserver to own/custom nameserver(pending on what yours brings).
Then poing fill the box 1 and 2 with the below DNS.

1st box: ns1.wapkiz.com

2nd box: ns2.wapkiz.com

Leave the rest boxes blank and save it.

STEP IV: Login to your wapkiz admin panel.
After saving the name severs, then open a new tab, then log into your wapkiz panel.
panel > domain parking.

STEP V: Add your domain
Finally, add your domain. Then save it.

NOTE: If you got an error after adding the domain, don’t panic, it a normal thing. DNS pointing takes maximum of 48 hours to propagate and also takes minimum of 1 seconds to propagate. Once you’re sure you followed the step clearly, just have patience and keep trying it every 15 minutes but if the problem persists after 48 hours of pointing the DNS, kindly notify us so as to help out.

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Thats all guys!!

If you encountered any error while trying this tutorial, kindly make use of the comment box below, we’ll reply you instantly.



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