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Wapkiz Tutorial

If you’re new to Wap-Master‘s world, this definitely would sound new and pretty confusing to you, and might probably also be wondering why a platform would wanna enforce an ads on your website without your permission. However, majority of Wapka users can easily relate to this issue when they come across it(people that started during the days of Wapka’s existence), simply because it’s ain’t a new stuff in the world of Wapsite platforms – as part of the main purpose behind the automated ads is also to generate income/revenue, so to keep the platform running and working just FINE!.

Wapkiz Download Now Tutorial

Saying the “DOWNLOAD NOW” ads isn’t too cool is putting it lightly, the ads also looks kinda odd! And that’s why we’ve come out with ways on how you can hide the ads off your website without issues.

The explanation above seems kinda clumsy, right? Well, yeah!, it’s expected of you to find it clumsy.

Hey guys! Welcome to another amazing Gurusprovince Tutorial, and today, we’ll be leasing out “Ways On How You Can Hide OR Block Wapkiz DOWNLOAD NOW Advertisement On Your Website Using Few Simple Tricks“. Are you new to this platform? Please consider subscribing to our newsletter, so to stay updated with even more amazing TUTORIALS updates and more helpful tips on how to grow your website!…

Back to business! They’re three amazing ways you can get this done, but two out of them seems more simple, while one seems even more simpler, the third one is pretty hard!. Below are the three ways;

  1. Using A CSS.
  2. Using Javascript.
  3. Reaching The Admin/Owner.


To hide Wapkiz ads using CSS, kindly follow the below steps/guides;

  1. Log-in to your Wapkiz Admin Panel: After logging in, locate “Panel Mode” on your dashboard.Wapkiz Footer Ads Tutorial
  2. Under System, Click On “CSS Theme“: This will open/redirect you to another page where you can do CSS stuffs to your website.Wapkiz Footer Ads Tutor
  3. Locate “Add New With Editor“: This will direct you to another page where you’d be given a box to paste your CSS codes, and this is where the abracadabra would be performed!Wapkiz Ads Tutorial
  4. Paste the below CSS codes into the box, then hit “OK“. Viola! You’re good to GO!
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To hide Wapkiz Ads off your website using Javascript, kindly follow the below steps to get it done.

  1. Login to your wapkiz admin panel, select your site and click on “panel mode”.
  2. New page will open with panel mode links list find “js file maker” and click on it.
  3. You will be bought to new a page click on “create new js file” link, after the page open then paste javascript code in the provided box and click on “Submit”.
  4. After you saved your code you’ll be taken back to “js file maker” page, click on “get js file link” and copy provided link.
  5. Return to wapkiz panel mode links list, find “footer” link below “extra” section of your site and click on it
  6. Open “html/tag code” paste your javascript code and save, but don’t forget to place your javascript code at the bottom of site’s footer content.

Congratulations, you have successfully saved your code. No more wapkiz footer ads on your site.

Copy Wapkiz Footer Ad Hide Code Below


To Hide Wapkiz Ads Using The Admin Reach-Out, Kindly Follow The Below Guide;

  1. Log-In to Wapkiz.com, then locate the “Contact Us” button towards the footer area.
  2. Click open the “Contact Us” page, then fill in your queries regarding what what you wanna fix.
  3. Viola! That’s all!
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Do you have any question(s), kindly relate with us via the comment section below, as we’d be extremely glad to hear from you.

NB: This tutorial is for Edu purpose only. Meanwhile, Wapkiz is a free platform – that offers free server space for you to begin your project. This however doesn’t make the “main server” housing server platform FREE, the founder/owner pays huge amount of cash monthly/yearly to secure such an amazing platform standing. Kindly take this into consideration before shooting your shot in hiding the ads off your website – whereby depriving Wapkiz means of generating a revenue. Good luck! 🙂

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