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[Wapkiz Tutorial] How to do registration/get started on wapkiz site as a platform

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Wapkiz Tutorial

Hi guys! Welcome to another Gurusprovince tutorial.

Today, we’re gonna teaching you guys how to do registration/get started with wapkiz site as a platform.

Well, this should be a very simple thing.

Kindly Follow this below step to get started.

– Email.
– Password.
– Your device/Gadget(Phone, PC, Tablet, that has internet access).
– Data. and
– Your brain.


Visit Wapkiz.com, in the site, you’ll see “Create your own site with your art for anything site genre for example social media, ecommerce, online shop, download site and etc. 
list of feature :
After the banner, you’ll be three (3) tabs, which goes like this: Home | Login | Register 

[Wapact Tutorial] How to do registration/get started on wapact site as a platform

Click on register, in this page, that’s where you will fill the requirements for the registration.
Being a site creation, the requirement isn’t much, just:
My User Name: means your username

My Email: Means your email

My Password: Your password

Re Enter Password: Re-enter your password

Then click “CREATE NOW!

After clicking on CREATE NOW!, you will be redirected to another page, this page is where you enter your site name and the description of your site.

Create Domain: Means your site name

Description: Your site description

Select Category: Here, a drop down box will appear, showing these categories:

  • download
  • hobbies
  • blog
  • sharing
  • social media
  • online shop
  • business
  • commerce
  • forum
  • others

After filling the above, then click on “CREATE NOW!

Finally, you have successfully created your site.

The next thing is to start designing, after launch it then start getting visitors into your site.

That’s all guys.

If you have any question or you encountered any error while trying this tutorial, kindly make use of the comment box below.

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