[Webmasters] How To Create Your Own Personal Hosting Reseller Company For Free At Ease

[Webmasters] How To Create Your Own Personal Hosting Reseller Company For Free At Ease
Hey! Guys!!! How has been your day? Hope it wasn’t stressful??? I’m sure tis not..

Today, we’re gonna be leaking some secrets to you guys!!! I be you’ll like it *winks*.
We’ll leak the secret of how we use to bath in the bathroom to you, “Naked”!!!! Isn’t it!!! Ahahahahahahahah!!!!! Lol..
Enough of jokes, lets cordially progress to the main business of the day.
Today, we’re gonna be teaching you guys how to Create Your Own Personal Hosting Re-seller Company For Free.

You may be doubting this, we know! But you should know from the beginning that: Gurusprovince can never release a fake tutorial for you guys.


Satisfied??? Cool!!

Oya lets proceed on how to get yours.

Follow these steps accordingly!

First you need a free domain like .CF .ML .GQ .GA (.TK not supported) from Freenom .Or better more you can buy a paid domain such as .COM, .NET, .COM.NG, .XYZ, etc…

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After getting the domain,
Set DNS to :

Now visit MyOwnFreeHost.net .
Click on Sign Up

Now you will see two boxes . Type your domain name and email there

You have completed the work

Within 1-24 hours you will get an email containing your free reseller hosting account details .(Find the email on SPAM box )

That’s all!!
If you faced any problem while trying to practice this tutorial, kindly make use of the comment bix below, we’ll reply you immediately.
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